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ArmSafe® Arming Base - BLACK


Product Description

The ArmSafe® Arming Base includes the parts for installing the Base into one RC model. Note that this Kit does NOT include an Arming Plug or wire. The body of the base is made with very tough UV stable black acetal. The user supplies the wire and shrink tubing as required. The base is very compact, it measures only 1.0" diameter x 0.55" deep, making it very easy to install into most RC models. Weight is only 6.3 grams.

The ArmSafe® System was created to improve the safety of electric RC models by giving the user better control of WHEN they energize and de-energize their models. This control can help reduce the risk of propeller strikes due to inadvertent motor starts. ArmSafe® is an effective solution for reducing, not eliminating, the risk of injury around high powered electric models. When ArmSafe® is CORRECTLY USED, the user has better control of WHEN they energize and de-energize their RC model. Uses Deans® Ultra Plug® Pat# 5,533,915. It was developed to have all the features RC modelers want:
1. High Current Rating
2. Small Size
3. Proven Connector Reliability
4. Easy to Install
5. Easy to Use

This Package Includes the following:
1 – Base Bracket - Black
1 – Deans® Female Ultra Plug®
1 – Nut Ring
3 – Mounting Screws (Pan Head 2-56 x 1/2 Lg)
2 – Set Screws (Sharp Point 4-40 x 3/16 Lg)

Product Reviews

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  1. Quality Products

    Posted by Ron Stark on 14th Jun 2019

    Quality products to promote safety when working with electric power systems of all powers, especially the higher power systems. It cannot get any simpler than plugging into the system to energis or unplugging from the system quickly to de-energis. Electric motors are not like fuel power engines, they start real quick without even blinking!

  2. 5 star arming base review

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Aug 2018

    A great product keeps hands safe and can be placed almost anywhere on the model eazy to install. Now we need a smaller one for the small park flyers based on the JST/BEC connectors. Thanks for a great product.

  3. Best idea since sliced bread

    Posted by NealOh on 10th Jul 2018

    Smaller than it looks but is built very sturdy. Will fit into almost any outdoor flyer. At a great price point. Extremely pleased.

  4. If you don't have a battery hatch

    Posted by Mike Coyne on 24th Feb 2018

    I recently converted a Midwest " Das Little Stick " 20 size fuel plane to electric. The way it is designed a battery hatch just was not going happen. With the "Arm Safe " I was able to more or less build the battery in with the balance plug accessible for charging and have the battery plugged into the speed control. Very handy product. It solved my unique problem not to mention the safety factor. Installation was a breeze.

  5. One On Every Plane!

    Posted by Steve on 22nd Jan 2017

    I use an Armsafe on every plane I fly. Since I already have a number of arming plugs, I usually just buy the base kits. This also gives me the flexibility to use any gauge wire I wish depending on the amperage of the motor system. I would like to see the female Deans and the arming plug come in black and white to blend into the covering. Actually, the more colors you can make the better. I'm also looking to build a plane with a 10s-12s battery. Could you produce an Armsafe with a spark arrestor?

  6. A Must Have on Your Model

    Posted by Robert Green on 7th Sep 2016

    I had a good feeling as I used the Arm Safe Plug
    for the first time .Security in the Knowledge I had
    my Model under my control .

  7. Peace Of Mind

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2015

    I have used ArmSafe on RC model aircraft for a couple of years because of safety concerns that I feel are even more important on the multi-rotor models that I am currently building. Having 3 to 6 spinning props makes handling them that much more dangerous. ArmSafe reduces the danger considerably. I would like to see one change, that being to make one leg of the arming plug longer than the other fo act as a guide during insertion.

  8. BEST BEST electric RC safety device ever !

    Posted by Tom on 23rd Jan 2015

    What a wonderful device. Its not just a safety device; its peace of mind. Available in black or white. Its design is excellent and it always amazes me how well the Dean's plug fits so well into the holder. The two pointed screws only need to contact the Dean's plug to lock it into place. It is an addictive device though, you'll want one on each plane you own capable of drawing major blood !! I mounted a female Deans on my Tx tray to hold my "safety plug".