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Cap Pack - 1080uF x 50Vdc


Product Description


The Cap Pack reduces voltage fluctuations on the incoming power to the ESC.  It acts like a shock absorber, smoothes out voltage drops, and can help the ESC run easier and last longer.

The Cap Pack is a tool to help the ESC survive in demanding applications.  It is most often used with expensive ESCs and/or Planes, where the flyer wants additional protections in place to help reduce the potential of ESC failures.

Flyers use the Cap Pack to reduce voltage fluctuations on the incoming power to the ESC.  These fluctuations can come from many sources such as: rapid power changes during maneuvers, long wires between the battery and the ESC, components heating up, less than ideal battery pack condition, and other sources.


This Cap Pack is made with ultra premium quality components so that it can withstand demanding applications.  High endurance and low impedance capacitors are incorporated into a premium quality circuit board with 18AWG ultra flex silicone wire.
- Max Voltage 50Vdc
- Total Capacitance of pack: 1,080 uF (micro farads)
- Total Weight including shrink tubing: 16 grams
- Physical Size: 0.5" x 1.0" x 1.9"


1. About 1” to 3” from the ESC, remove about 1/4” of the insulation on the ESC’s “Power-In” wires.
2. Solder the Cap Pack wires onto the ESC wires. Be sure to connect: positive (+) to positive (+), and negative (-) to negative (-).
3. Install shrink tubing over the solder joints.

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